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Coming out of the spiritual closet

I always believed in the spiritual dimension. When I was little I felt cold energy in rooms of loved one’s who had passed on and I had an acute sixth sense. I was sometimes able to predict things before they happened and I was an empath, which meant I knew how everyone around me was feeling, but because I didn’t know how to embrace being me, I hid who I was away.

My Dad often told me ‘ I was away with the fairies’. I don’t believe that’s a bad place to be, in fact it’s made me a great mystical storyteller. My Mum often told me I was wise beyond my years when I’d come out with little life epiphanies at such a young age. I now know it’s because I’m an old soul that’s been on the earth many times before. I always believe it’s best to trust the innate knowledge of how children see the world. When adults would repeat that famous retort ‘you only live once’, I always used to reply ‘that isn’t true’. I had no idea how I knew it wasn’t true then, but I felt it somewhere deep inside. Having studied many ancient wisdoms since and from being in communion with my own soul wisdom, I now truly feel aligned with my own belief's about the world.

You could say up until the last few years I was a closet ‘spiritual’ person, although most people who knew me well would have seen it there. It’s like anything you truly are at your core, you can’t keep it hidden and nor should you, yet as is the case with the society we live in, until we become conscious we are brainwashed into how we should be. That often means trying to fit in and follow a path that is ‘normal’ but there is another option.... following the unknown path. This is the one I chose when I left my old job to become an actress at 35. By following that path I awoke my spiritual senses and trained as a healer and in my training I found my soul story and began writing my plays. So I’m a big advocate of taking the unknown road because you have no idea where it will lead you. Yet if you stay on it long enough I'm certain you’ll find your way back home.

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