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It’s time to mix up how we see theatre. We are moving from 3D reality to the 5th Dimension. What is this Dimension you ask? Easy! It’s moving into the idea we’re all made up of unseen electromagnetic forces of gravity which unite us all. At least that’s the answer from a scientific perspective. From a spiritual viewpoint it’s the energetic realm that shamans, cunning folk, witches, healers, light-workers, mediums (the list could get long here), have been working in all along. It’s also how your sixth sense communicates with you.

So how does this relate to theatre? Glad you asked. As theatre’s are currently closed, it’s time to find new creative ways of coming together. Your energy, your soul, your light does not just exist in your body, it radiates outwards. It’s how we healers can work with people online, rather than in person, because guess what? We’re not working with just your body. We are working with your energy and pulling in the divine light all around you. We become a clear channel for you to receive this light.

This means as performers, creatives, healers, or humans, we can learn to channel this light, this energy, and utilise our soul essence. With this awareness I began fusing my healing practice with my creativity. The understanding that we can work with what’s in front of us, but also what’s unseen to the eye but felt by our bodies, our innate wisdom, which all leads us to our connection with our soul.

Once I had connected with my soul's inner wisdom, I began to wonder how I could work from this place and what that would mean as a theatrical experience? One where an audience is seen as an interconnected part of an energetic body of unity to create a more heightened experience, an exchange of energy.

The new paradigm of conscious theatre makers have the opportunity to heal with the power of story, as shamans did. To unite rather than divide. To cultivate compassion and understanding with storytelling, and crucially, to start telling a multitude of stories about ways of experiencing the world, rather than the one size fits all. Because I have to ask, where are the spiritual stories? I don't mean religious ones, or sci-fi, fantastical ones. I mean the real soul bearers who make you question current reality. For that is true magical realism, or what I like to call, spiritual realism. And ultimately what I believe is 5D theatre.

If you are itching to experience this too, come join any of my online gatherings below with Untamed Artists. Tickets are a mere £3. Gatherings will be an hour experience. Just bring yourself, an open mind and a curiosity to try a guided storytelling meditation from the comfort of your home.



Gather around the metaphorical fire and discover how shamanic journeying can ignite your creativity. I will be taking you on a journey to discover Shamanic Creativity in performance by sharing my own sacred stories that came from deep within. This will be an immersive experience where everyone will be led through a shamanic journey to invoke a deeper meditative state to find their own soul’s wisdom.



Together we will be transported back in time to Ancient Egypt when Art was sacred and magic was infused into everyday life. Welcome to the Temples where the Mysteries were made. I will be sharing poetry infused by the beliefs of that time and guiding you through an immersive ritual theatrical experience, igniting both your senses and imagination.



There will be a gathering at my Magical Coven to share the wisdom of the Cunning Folk. These folk worked in 17th Century England studying magic and using mystical means to help their society, but were long overshadowed by the raging witch persecution. I will be sharing stories from my play AWAKEN which awoke the Witch within me, who has been long forgotten in our HIS-TORY. Come on an immersive storytelling experience as I unfurl HER-STORY and ignite the inner wisdom speakers within us all.

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