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Healing Your Story

I have just managed to take a breath after wrapping up my third draft of my second play, THE WITCH, THE BITCH, THE WHORE WAS YOUR ANGEL. The title might give away many clues to what it is about; it’s certainly a fairly feminist take on the world and has Spiritual Activism littered throughout. This is because I’ve finally found my true voice in my writing. The stories I want - no more than that - must SPEAK out about. Quite simply because if I don’t, who will? There’s only one of me after all and this is what my soul has been urging me to do for a long time. Way before I was even listening... Sorry Soul!

For this last year, we’ve all had to go within a whole lot more. We’ve been in lockdowns, taken from our normal routines and denied our usual social activities. I’ve found that I had to get to know myself much more deeply. What do I really care about? What type of work do I want to do? Most importantly, where do I want to use my energy? As my energy is sacred. As am I. As are you.

For me, it all came back to telling stories I have yet to see on stage. Those that highlight the struggle spiritual people have had throughout the ages. Now let me clarify, I believe that everyone is innately spiritual because we all have SPIRIT in us, but not everyone feels that way and that’s ok. It’s just my inner knowing speaking here and I trust my inner knowing more than I trust anything, or anyone else. We’re not taught to trust ourselves more than external things and that’s what writing my third draft really brought home to me. Trust your inner knowing. It is your true guidance system.

Whilst writing I also uncovered a lot of shadows. Some my own. Namely how horrible I’ve been to myself over the years. Mostly in my head. But also external ones, like the way our society is structured. I now believe society should be run from the ground up and not by big corporations, or people who care more about money than they do about human lives. If you want to know more about this, Russell Brand has been coming out with some great info on you tube. A lot of it will come to the light I’m sure and true healing will occur. I’m so grateful for all the truth sayers right now who are speaking out against this corruption.

And this brings me back to my gratitude for being a healer. Because dear Goddess have I needed it. Working within the shadow over the last year, pulling up gunk to the surface and finding my light again was no easy feat. I literally went through my own shamanic journey of healing and came out lighter on the other side. So soul, mate, I really am listening to you loud and clear and thank you for always being there.

For anyone else who wants to utilise shamanic practices in their creative projects. Do join my next workshop on the 22nd May. You can read more about it here:

Or for anyone who has a hard time turning into their own souls wisdom, you can work with me one to one, or find more info here:

And remember, it's only through the darkness that we see the light.

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