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We are bodies of light

Following on from the powerful energies of the Lionsgate Portal this weekend and its link to the Pyramids in Egypt, it seems like now is a great time to reflect on the beauty of how the Ancient Egyptians viewed the world and us, as light bodies. Ten of them in fact.

I’ve been looking into Ancient Egyptian teachings whilst writing my second play. Jesus, they were wise and prolific! I mention Jesus as he was working with these bodies of light, as was Mary Magdalene. These ancient teachings allowed the Egyptians to master huge feats – I mean, hello, have you checked out the Pyramids, which are mind blowing in themselves, but more than that, they were temples where mysterious initiations took place. I won’t tell you any more, as I’m a storyteller, so you’ll have to come and see my play to discover more of the buried truth that resides there.

So what are these 10 light bodies you ask?

It takes looking at the mind, body and spirit connection to a whole new level! I really am geeking out about the Ancient Egyptians, but that’s because they are in my blood. What can I say, I’m an old soul, I go way back and rebirth is my thing. Ok, where was I… geeking out…. Egyptians…. My bloodline…. 10 bodies… Here goes:

KHAT – This is our physical vessel. The part of us that decays when we die, which is why the Egyptians mummified the Khat. If we raise our vibration then our physical body gets lighter too. It’s all energy in the end. This is usually the first illusion of our Western society, that we are just our bodies. There is your first false truth. Then we also have…

AUFU – This is more like the substance in the body; our blood, water, minerals etc, and in this way it’s linked with the Khat body because that’s its container. When we begin a healing journey this can often start with working on physical changes first, or imbalances in our fluid body. The physical sense of our light bodies are much easier to get our heads around due to the modern science perspective, but wait there’s more…

SEKHEM – The life force itself. This is the energy that flows through your chakras and etheric field. This may be a bigger leap of faith to get your head around, but once you’ve tried energy healing - such as reiki - it is quite easy to experience the body of light in this way. This is also your heart lead consciousness, so if you’ve linked your passion with your life purpose, this energetic field is truly aligned. We could also call it our divine will power energy, which has a super charge to it. Aligning this light body certainly got me out of bed to keep creating a trilogy of plays! And then I stumbled upon the….

SHEW – And sometimes you may wish this one would shew indeed. This here is your shadow, often buried and very necessary that we bring it into the light for healing. It aint fun living life from a repressed perspective, being constantly triggered because we haven’t done the deep inner healing work. This may be due to some kind of trauma, or even our forgotten past lives. And this is where our true medicine lies. ‘It’s only through the darkness that we get to the light.’ It can also be called the subconscious or collective unconscious and it’s rife in today’s society! For those that are healing it, I salute you!

REN – Another one the AE’s understood well and apparently cultivated it in the temples themselves – sound and vibration - and its amazing healing capacity. For anyone who has been to sound healing sessions, or played healing music, they will know that the energetic frequency in sound is extremely powerful. This also includes the frequency in words that we use; how powerful, or destructive they can be, as they are ultimately sounds that land on this body. It asks us to look at positive affirmations in a whole new light. For anyone that is new to this, just listen to the words you speak and how they impact your body. What makes you feel expansive and what makes you feel like crap? Sounds really do have power people!

KA – This can be thought of as our holographic body, the field around us, or our aura. People tap into this all the time without recognising it; when they say they are drawn to someone, or repelled and not sure why. This is the Ka body at play. When someone is charismatic and magnetising abundance, their Ka body is strong. Our Ka body isn’t confined by our physical body, it can travel. Don’t believe me? Try lucid dreaming. Or better yet, give an online healing a try. Interestingly we also leave our Ka imprint on objects, so this is why mystics and shamans can read the history of its owner. Also good to know you can disconnect your Ka energy from others, some call it etheric ties / bonds… But that’s for another blog!

AB – No this isn’t what you created when you do your sit ups, although keep going with that, your Khat will be pleased. Your Ab body is your capacity for love as a light frequency. It’s a whole different energy and when activated it’s quite simply divine. We’ve all felt it I’m sure. The more you can expand your capacity to love, the higher you ascend. Not an easy thing to do; to be vulnerable, to love those that have hurt you and the most radical one, to completely feel that pure bliss consciousness for yourself, rather than rely on another to ignite that state (especially when we live in a society hooked on a romantic ideology). This is the level of mastery to go for, yet many empaths may also struggle with it, as they are acutely tuned in to other’s pain and suffering. But be brave, learn how to centre your energy and detach. Look at the alternative...... Feeling nothing at all. Hello narcissists and sociopaths! I chose empathy every time.

BA My favourite levels of awareness… The soul. The part of us that is connected to something much bigger. Some called it the oversoul, or monad self. When we hear the whisperings of our soul the true journey can begin. We follow divine inspiration, we meet others on a higher level and we become magnets for the universe to play with. This is the energy of our dreams and bringing them into reality. Your soul holds your unique gifts and life lessons, which is why I love to work with people soul to soul. You can access this through higher self work, regressions and energy healing, or though any spiritual practice that cultivates deep listening. Meditation is always a good place to start.

SAHU – You could call this pure source energy, or Goddess / God light. This is the union of the masculine and feminine energies within to become a higher light force. This is also your higher self, the divine being of light that holds all of your wisdom and divinity. The knowing. If you’ve come to this part of your journey, in communion with your higher self, you’re in a good place. Enjoy! You’ll be radiating a lot of light, your physical body would have shed a lot of density, and you'll be enjoying the earth from this new perspective as you’ve entered a new dimension. Don’t try and wrap your mind around this one, it is all in the experience. And finally we have…

AKHU – Spirit. All that is. What the Egyptians saw as the phoenix, resurrection itself and rebirth. This state comes about when we have integrated all of the other light bodies into our awareness and can finally be at one with all that is.

Using all of the light bodies above we can enter flow state with ease. It’s a journey but one I highly recommend. After all, the Ancient Egyptians knew a thing or two about living life from a higher dimension.

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