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Soul Story Sessions are lovingly crafted to assist you in clearing and protecting your energy to align you with Your Soul. When your energy is stagnant or blocked, you are not able to live in flow.  You also become more vulnerable to psychic attack and find it harder to be creative. Our energy is our power source, which is why it has been harvested by others - consciously and unconsciously.  The ways this can manifest are through physical, mental or emotional pain, feelings of negativity or lack of joy.


Soul Story Sessions align you with your 5D multidimensional soulful self so you are able to connect with your soul's story, speak your truth, create freely and live your higher purpose, rather than being held hostage in the 3rd & 4th dimensional traps of limits, fear, trauma and pain.  


5th Dimensional Freedom means you are able to live a life of divine limitless consciousness.


I am a spiritual energy healer, psychic soul guide and multidimensional medium who offers Soul Story Sessions that are completely guided by what your soul needs to step into 5D Living. 


Soul Story Sessions may include healing, energy work, past life regression, channelling and soul guidance to help you understand your soul's story so you can align it with your life today. 

This will help you

* Follow your own soul's dharma, clear karma placed on you and activate your soul's path.

* Discover your own soul's story so you can use it for healing, speaking your truth or writing your own story.

* Align with your soul and your tribe for higher consciousness living. 

* Ignite your 5D supernatural skills and retrieve your spiritual gifts so you can be the Trailblazer Leader, Light or Shadow Worker and Soul Led Truther that you came here to be.


All sessions are ONLINE only.


I offer a discounted rate on my hour long sessions for those on a low income to ensure my work is accessible to all. I also offer packages at a discount

Discount Rate = £77
Divine Rate = £88

Soul Story Session
90 Minutes

Divine Rate = £111

Soul Story Sessions
5 x 1 hour

£333 (24% discount per session)

Soul Story Sessions
3 x 1 hour

£222 (16% discount per session)

Soul Story Session
1 Hour

Low Income Discount Rate = £77
Divine Rate = £88



'Cheryl is authentic, courageous, compassionate, wise, vibrant, funny and a magnificent soul!'


“Cheryl has made me feel more creative and calm at a time when I feel anything but that!  Thank you for your amazing work and generously sharing your own creative ideas and spiritual practices so that we can all access a flow state in our lives."


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