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5D Temple is here to support you with the next stage of awakening,

ensuring your soul's story takes centre stage in your magical life.



The 5D Temple is set up to help others to use storytelling as a powerful portal for healing, soul activism and as a platform for bringing spiritual realism to the modern world.  ​

Through offering in person and online workshops, courses, retreats and mentorship programs, we provide our Soul Tribe with: 


* Soul guided supernatural practices to align with 5D living.

* Community support for those on the awakening journey.

* Soul wisdom & exposure on the hidden history of healers, mediums & magicians.

*Soulful courses for spiritual creatives to channel / speak / write their own soul's story.

* Support to heal from past life trauma, magical abuse and distorted agenda programming.


Our work is designed to empower & inspire storytellers, soul led truthers, spiritual healers and multidimensional business creatrixes to align with their soul and leap into 5D Living


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