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I am a spiritual actress, writer, multidimensional medium and creatrix of 5D Theatre. 

I created 5D Theatre to use storytelling as a powerful portal for healing and soul activism and to offer soul story guidance for my tribe.  

I am currently developing a trilogy of plays steeped in supernatural storytelling which span lifetimes and realities and use the storytelling premise of past lives and current karma to tell its tale.  All 3 plays have been developed using my healing craft of soul guidance, multidimensional mediumship & channelling, to create my own genre of spiritual realism and stories told from the soul.  


You can read more about the trilogy here: (LINK)

I didn't always live such a soulful life speaking to spirits.... It was whilst training as an actress that I had my first spiritual awakening when my Nan who passed on appeared in the rehearsal room and told me not to be so afraid.  This led me to train as an healer where I had a past life recall and experienced myself killed for being a 'witch'.  This lead me to write my first play, AWAKEN.  


Alongside storytelling, I now work as a Soul Guide, Psychic & Healer, helping a community of spiritual creatives, spiritual misfits and soul led truthers to align with their soul's purpose and have their soul's story to take centre stage.


As a spiritual activist & Soul led storyteller, I am compelled to expose the dark agenda that has been playing out over many lifetimes.  This is any agenda which seeks to bring harm - rather than healing - to our life force energy.  My passion today is to bring higher consciousness love, soul wisdom and a sense of spiritual connection to all of those who feel the call.


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