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5d Witch


Please go gently with yourself when doing this workshop.  Some of the content may activate, trigger, or awaken you to what really happened in your souls lineage.

Included is two powerful meditations to help with this healing journey and provide a deep clearing on a spiritual level.

Do create a sacred container for yourself to allow space for the entire transmission and healing to occur.

To go deeper into this work via a one to one session:, or contact for info on

soul retrievals, entity removals, energy upgrades, soul story remembrance, 5D supernaturals gifts and channeling your work as a witch

A big thanks to Chris for providing her beautiful sound healing to assist the work of clearing. 

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It's time to place magic back in the rightful hands of healers, rather than harmers.

The 5D Facets of the WITCH are...

*The WITCH as the healer who was double persecuted as Witch & Healer

*The WITCH who's craft was stolen by the dark agenda and used against her through Satanic abuse

*The WITCH who won't be silenced and is diving deep into her souls story in remembrance of all her lost wisdom 

*The WITCH who will no longer carry the karma of what was done and is reclaiming her lineage today

*The WITCH who is part of the 5d movement to honour all she once was and all she came here to be

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