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The first in a trilogy of plays spanning lifetimes and realities,

bursting with magical realism and supernatural storytelling.  


Beginning in 1653, AWAKEN delves into the life of a maidservant who has her world threatened by the raging persecution of women as witches.

Fast forward to 2023: the past refuses to remain buried and seeps into the life of Sarah, a palliative care nurse and medium, who is brought to the bedside of Henry Husk and is catapulted towards redemption.

Written by Cheryl Prince with the aim to create a movement to remember the cunning folk, mediums and healers who were killed, or had their livelihoods destroyed due to witch persecution.  


Placing Magic back in the hands of HEALERS, not HARMERS.


AWAKEN had a filmed script in hand reading at Beacon Arts Centre on Earth Day 2022 and was launched online for a short period for the Summer Solstice. 


AWAKEN has received generous support from Beacon Arts Centre, the Park Theatre, The Actors Temple and Arts Council England.

AWAKEN is now ready to be staged in places and spaces where witch persecution was rife, along ley line portals where magic was abused and where many of the cunning folk previously lived and worked to protect their communities from harmful magic.  The play is being offered not only a story, but as a healing container and soul activation.

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