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Balancing the masculine & feminine

We live in a patriarchal society and therefore we are hard wired to utilise our masculine principles. When I talk of masculine and feminine, I’m not talking about male and female. I’m talking about the energy we generate and radiate out into the world. Some call it Yin and Yang, or Shiva and Shakti, or the Goddess and the God. Scientifically it may be thought of more as positive and negative energy. This is what we’re working with all of the time, whether we are aware of it or not.

Energy exists inside of us through our energetic centres, meridians, or chakras, and around us in our universe, but it takes a conscious practice to tune into which of our energy centres are imbalanced.

Take a look at some of the examples on the list below and see which one’s you most identify with.

Masculine Feminine

Action and task orientated Flow and surrender

Logical Intuitive

Focused Flow

Sun Moon

Structure Creative

Disciplined Tender

Independent Community

Giving Receiving

Right side of the body Left hand side of the body

Penetrative Attracting

Direction Fluid

Protective Nurturing

If we take the example of logical versus intuitive we can easily see how much intuition is downplayed in today’s society. It’s associated with new age fad’s, being 'airy fairy' and all because it cannot be proven. Quite simple it’s not fact based.

But have you ever gone against your gut feeling and seen where you end up? Or followed your gut instinct and seen where it takes you? Following my intuition led me to being where I am today. If I would have listened to my logical mind there is NO WAY I would have become an actress. I worked as a casting director for 12 years, so I saw day in and day out how many talented actors and actresses did not get work, but my gut instinct was calling out loud and clear. Luckily my logical mind didn’t know what was in store. Here's how it transpired.....

"You’re not going to follow the usual route, you’ll make your own theatre, you’ll write your own plays and you’ll become a healer.... Oh yeah, AND you’ll speak to the spiritual dimension".

........WOW my rational side would have freaked out. But I'm here now and it’s a wonderful place to be.

So I really recommend we don’t let the rational side of us rule the day.

Yes being rational and logical is important but when we live in a society which teaches us structural mind based thinking, it leaves being creative out of the picture. It belittles what isn’t based in fact and it closes down the possibility of an existence where we can work with unseen forces, like energy, spirit and magic.

If you are feeling called to cultivate your creative self; the one who wishes to tell stories through following your own unique soul expression, then join me at my next workshop where we will be combining our creativity with spirituality. I will be running these online every month. The more you attend the deeper you will go!

18th July


Details here-

For more information on my upcoming workshops you can connect below.

Let your intuitive side thrive! x

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