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Connect with a like minded community
and access your inner wisdom through these upcoming online events... 

White Plants



I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Eimear Stassin for the wonderful Witches Rise Up Summit in Winter Solstice 2021.


You can check out my interview below to hear about my witchy work in the world, how I channel my theatre and exciting new developments for my play AWAKEN.


Writing AWAKEN was a healing journey I undertook over the last 5 years, to reclaim my inner witch and call myself home. If you identify as a magical being do sign up on my mailing list to get updates about the play.




This event is for anyone who wants to 

live life in a more magical way.

If you are a seeker who is looking 

for ways to fuse spirituality with your

natural creative state

and desires to

live life in a higher state of

consciousness, then come join us.

We are currently in a time of great

AWAKENING on the planet.  A time to 

live in union with our soul self.

This is a free community to gather as a TRIBE and ignite each other to THRIVE.  

Most of all it's an online space where we can dream, inspire, meditate, collaborate

and speak freely. 

Please bear in mind this is an open space so you can come with a topic you want to

talk about, or I may shift focus depending on where the groups energy is at and how we all are. The onus is on being in the moment with whoever has arrived in the space.

Come with an open mind, a compassionate heart and a sense of soul filled wonder. 


This group is set up to honour free speech, unity consciousness and to shift us into 5D Living together.

Upcoming Dates: 

18th April, 2022 - 7.30pm UK             

16th May, 2022 - 7.30pm UK

20th June, 2022 - 7.30pm UK

Hands in heart

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