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'Your soul is your innate wisdom

always there whispering to you,

if you only delight in looking'

Cheryl Prince 




I AM an Angelic Reiki & Shamanic Practitioner, Magdalene Rose Priestess and intuitive spiritual mentor who has fused her creative and spiritual practices.


I AM writing stories using a blend of shamanic journeying, past life regression and soul wisdom. 


I AM inspiring, empowering and igniting soul wisdom with everyone I work with.

Details of 1-2-1 sessions are detailed below.

All sessions are online.

For session bookings, please see below, or for further info contact



Theatre Maker


Rock Balancing
Pay what you can £50-60-70
per session




Do you suffer with Creative or Spiritual Blocks?  Pain?  Trauma?  Stress? 


This can all be released once your energy is flowing again.  Energy work gets you reconnected with your body, helping to heal physical issues, negative patterns, or disconnection with spirit.  This is a soothing safe space for you to receive nourishment for your soul and connection with the divine light.

Crystal Ball
Pay what you can
per session


Soul Wisdom Sessions

Do you want to be in communion with your higher self, so you can receive your soul’s wisdom?


These sessions may include guided meditation to connect you with spirit & your higher self, past life regression, and soul to soul connection which will ignite your supernatural ability and have you aligned with your guidance team.  I will be guided by where you are at on your spiritual journey, enabling you to hear your soul’s calling.

Pay what you can
per session

Channeling your Work

Do you want to access your souls story in your work?

These sessions guide you through ways to reach flow state and channel your work. Whether you are making art, building a business,

or creating stories, you will be guided to access your flow state.


You are welcome to bring ideas you are struggling with to the sessions, so we can unleash them collaboratively, soul to soul. 

I found my sessions with Cheryl to be calm, relaxing and reflective.  I practically floated out of the room with a deep sense of clarity and a new energy.  Cheryl is very personable and has a warm heart."

Carly, Mother

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