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Magical Realism for the Modern World



I am an actress, writer, theatre maker, sacred storyteller, healer and mystic.


I have trained in acting, devising theatre, angelic reiki, shamanism and as a Priestess. However, my true learning began when I tapped into the wisdom of my soul and let the divine spark lead the way.  

My passion and true soul's purpose is combining creativity with spirituality and helping others do the same. 

In 2022 I set up 5D theatre as a platform for spiritual activism; allowing this often silenced voice to be heard, witnessed, honoured and to ensure SOUL is weaved back into our society.


What is 5D theatre?

5D theatre is a theatrical space where your supernatural

senses, which have often laid dormant, are ignited.

It is a space where stories are shared from the soul.  


5D theatre is part of creating TRUE magical realism for the modern world.


My Spiritual Trilogy

Beginning in 2017 I decided to leap out of the closet and write a trilogy of spiritually based plays. When I stopped fighting my human self, and leaned into my intuition, I discovered my own soul's story.

As I begun to unfurl HER STORY, I understood she is the fierce feminine voice that demands to be heard.  For when she is honoured, shared and spoken of, we'll all be able to live in a more balanced society.

My Tribal Spirit


Alongside creating theatre, I work one to one with clients as an intuitive spiritual mentor and healer. I also run workshops & courses.  

I have worked with many clients, communities and businesses including;

Marylebone Project - a Homeless Shelter for Women, Victims of Grenfell Tower; Barclays Bank, Work Well Being, Albany and Tabernacle Theatre.

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