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Igniting a Revolution to Reclaim our 

Soul through the Sacred Art of Storytelling

We have lost connection to our origin story.

How the world was seeded,

the many lifetimes we have lived and how we were birthed into being.

Those who won the war on our consciousness programmed us to believe who we are

is a limited 3d human being which left our souls fragmented. 

Our spirits set adrift.

The time is now to reclaim our spirits , who we are on a multidimensional level.

To step into 5d which anchors us into the depths of our souls and aligns us with our spirits. 

To come home to our soul's story and live aligned to our soul's true passion and purpose.


5d Theatre

Vision / Mission HERE?

I AM Cheryl Prince, the Creatrix of 5d Theatre.


5d Theatre brings soul back to storytelling, helping those on the journey of spiritual awakening by inspiring us to activate our multidimensional ability.  I write plays which are grounded in spirituality, bursting with magical realism and always have a supernatural spark.  I developed the genre of spiritual realism by fusing my work as an actress, writer, healer, soul guide and theatre maker.


5d Theatre is currently developing a trilogy of plays as a means of soul activism, which all span lifetimes and realities, using the storytelling premise of past lives and current karma to tell their tale.  

As part of my passion to assist in soul activations, I also offer 1-2-1 sessions to help people remember their souls story, align their energy and channel their own work through guiding their souls back to their innate wisdom.


The Temple Space is another offering set up to provide a sacred container to offer workshops, meditations and courses to spiritual creatives, soul seekers and the tribe of light workers who are currently in need of soul support at this time.


Click below to find out more about how we can work together...

Plays, Poems & Performances

Soul Sessions & Activations


Temple Space

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