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Connect with a like minded community
and access your inner wisdom through these upcoming online events... 

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The Witches Rise Up Global Online Summit 2021 is a very unique event comprising of 23 activating, catalysing and quantum conversations from global thought-leaders, seers and visionary thinkers helping you to come home to the truth of who you are and why you are here now in and for these times.


There is no cost to attend this summit. Simply register here:

This years speakers are Amantha Murphy, Anna Bell, Annemiek Van Helsdingen, Cali White, Caren Schofield & Paula Michelle of The Silver Spoons Collective, Cheryl Prince, Cissi Williams, Dottie Lamoureux, Helena Grant, Jewels Wingfield, Jocelyn Mercado, Kadidja Yansane, Kate Ballo, Kathleen Brigidina, Lisa Tully, Lucy H. Pearce, Maleda Gebremedhin, Mary Reynolds Thompson, Nikki Slade, Tash Mitch, Tayria Ward, Trish Cameron, Vanessa Couto, Wyn Tyrie and summit producer and host, Eimear Stassin.




This event is for any artists interesting

in combining creativity & spirituality,

it's also for those interested in this art

but not necessarily creating it.  

Most of all it's an online theatrical space

where we can dream, inspire, collaborate

and speak freely. 

Please bear in mind this is an open space

so you can come with a topic you want to

talk about, or I may shift focus depending on where the groups energy is at and how we are all doing. The onus is on being in the moment with whoever has arrived in the space.  

Curious creatives or those without any labels but open minds are also welcome.

Upcoming Dates:

6th December 2021                 7:30-8:30pm GMT

2022 Dates coming soon

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